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The heart of the designer should be placed in the box of the building





BORING Architecture
Founded in October 25, 2020





This is a special experimental building. Introducing community functions from private spaces is an interesting combination. A circular passage is designed on the periphery of the villa for the community residents to use, so that the landscape can be shared and experienced. Really achieve the harmony and unity of people, environment and architecture.

This is an interesting building renovation project. In Anhui Mount Huangshan house beside a cover, new buildings can dialogue.
He has a lot of good ideas for meeting interesting owners on this project. We have many of the same ideals.

The requirements of this project are very high. VIP rooms are needed and rooms are available for VIPs. VIPs have high vision. I hope this space design can enhance the image of the enterprise.

This is an interesting project. Because of the building's construction, the plane is arc. The design uses a more streamlined arrangement, while the material is made of cement, a beautiful hexagonal tile, and an iron plate. The front desk features both reception and bar functions.


The project has high customer requirements. Different projects in the past, the upgrading of space, and the space of good service concept.
The building adopts the latest international air-conditioning system. The complexity of the system is also difficult for the design of styles.
We achieve this by designing techniques and methods.




钢结构建筑设计Steel structure design


This is an interesting project. Is the IT company hope is a flexible office space, can have ideas, design of the boring office is designed for fun and can improve the work efficiency and the degree of happiness.

Part of the project rental area has two layers of space designed loft, which is very interesting.
Our successful use of building knowledge to persuade clients and property owners to build loft has proved that we are right and appreciated by our clients. The office is the most beautiful in China, and we have become a supplier of design and construction in other places.


The project, together with the customer, completed innovation to break through the traditional feelings of the outside world.
Projects and concepts of social activities are integrated into the interior layout. Finally received the praise of the superior department of the customer and customer.

This project is entirely new to us and our customers. Subversion of the original office environment, because the building is not good, we designers use evergreen as design theme. Finally, the results are great and customers will continue to promote this concept.

product design


In 2008, at that time, the LED lights were not designed in a very popular background. In some projects, it is not good to choose the lamps and lanterns with the interior design. To achieve the perfect presentation, we design the shape of the lamps and lanterns, and the design of the lamps and lanterns.

  一   和   工  成 
1M2  design

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